my daughter, you are strong with ALLAH <3


Those papers was my dad’s errands for me to accomplished. Some du’as and reminders needed to be photocopy.

Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah 😂
While I was homeward from Marbel Office. I feel so weary to the extend that I planned to share it to bbjan. Like a young kid who will brag everything to her dad and just wanted to be heared,that’s all. But mashaaALLAH, after I kiss him when I arrived and handed to him those papers, he gave me a smile. a smile from my dad is soo mashaaALLAH. Everything just wash by his very warmest smile, as if he was saying that “my daughter, you are strong with ALLAH” mashaaALLAH. Jazakallahu khayran dearest Babajan, for you I learned brilliant defense technique when I am disdaining my self and feeling of giving up. Like a dudging and hiding behind a very powerful and strong wall that makes me invisible on how dunya wanted me to think that I am near to threshold, wall = patience. I came up to the realizations that whatever the things that keeps me busy day to day, I should always remind myself that I need ALLAH’s mercy and guidance in order for me to be a good instrument in His Deen while living in this fleeting Dunya. In shaa ALLAH.

I pray my maghrib salaat with a very calm heart praying to ALLAH that me and my family will be among those servants who will be in His Arsh. Ameen Ya Rabb. Indeed, Ya ALLAH true happines is in Your Jannah. You’ve been a mom in a very unique way, dad. Alhamdulillah.

As you always remind me, We will never be successful without the mercy and help of ALLAH, that is Taqwa. Alhamdulillah I’m viewing things from another perspective.

Rabbighfirliy wali waalidayni Ya ALLAH. Ameen Ya Rabb. Ameen.


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