My muffle time.


It is 9.45am and I didn’t report to our office. I chose to seat here and there around this ice cream embassy. Reasons behind why and I just don’t want to bring it on here. Dad don’t have idea where I am now, and still thinking if I should inform him when I arrived that I didn’t report today. My boss saw me and I don’t even care about it. Let the noisy little procession be with my mates. The boss with her “boses” (voice).

It is beacuse of my principle I am holding on “Don’t trouble people”, That feels me to keep my silence now and just be in the place where I used to eat ice cream alone and talk to the air.
I enjoy peering through the large window,feeling the wind blow on my face and watching all those birds with their freedom wings. But In between the laughing and gulping, I couldn’t help but think about how much I had changed. How I was still the same person but in some aspects how I wasn’t the same anymore. ~_~ Alhamdulillah. Just when it seems that you are only an inch away from the ultimate burnout.

I miss homies and friends back home so badly. *Sigh*. I know the last time I was there was last December, but it seemed much longer than that, knowing my life had changed dramatically since then. I feel so trapped because my only option is to believe the greatest cliche of all: That everything happens for a reason. Still, I needed to be superb. Advising my dearest me again and again that I should live my life one day at a time, with so many things to look forward. Things will start getting better in shaa ALLAH. If you would ask me if I would go through all the pain I am going through, I will answer you –Fa inna ma’al usriy yusra. ❤

I am strong with ALLAH in my heart.


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