At 3.10pm in my time I am staying in the place where I always hide myself from the deceiving dunya. A place where I always find so at ease because I know I am His guest and I am a His slave. This place reminds me of being alone is better than being with evil companion.

This place sorrounds me with the people whom their hearts are fill with contentment. A place that feels me so safe that the people whom I meet will just stay the same as we used to cherish every meetings. Alhamdulillah. A people that have no persona of being indictful.

A place where you will never feel queer.

A place where all people are slave of ALLAH.

A place where you can really feel the Ease after Hardships.

A place where the only Giver is ALLAH.

this  place is one of the Hikma of ALLAH why I am away from anyone but near to Him. In shaa ALLAH.



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