the way I define it “TEMPORARY”.


My miswaak from my Pakistani friend and my tasbeeh from my kuya, PATIENCE with me. ❤


I thought it was all about wanting to change things. THINGS WILL NEVER be the same but my patient will change for better, for better me in shaa ALLAH.  I have learn  some practical things practically all by myself.I made a lot of observation and comparison between me and the other me.  However, none of the two matched the bliss and fulfillment I feel whenever I realized that ALLAH is With me and I just need to be patient. It was armed with the thought that I have gone through many things that explains how ALLAH azza wajjal tested my patience and after all that things ALLAH is molding my patience. ALHAMDULILLAH.

My tears is with my lil brother saff for what had happen today.. when we both watch some kids reading Qur’an, and MashaALLAH all we can hear is all about patience. “Fasta’in bi sabreey wa salaat”..Seek  aid with patience and Prayer”. ❤ Bless to have him around. I love watching him and listening to his voice when he’s memorizing Surah Naba ❤ ALHAMDULILLAH

I  will not make this entry too long, making this one entry will never express the ease I am feeling, I am engulfed by an unexplainable feeling of happiness mixed with nervousness..  whenever I realize that EVERYONE LEFT ME… WITH ALLAH.  :’)

I had accepted the fact that no matter where I go, no matter what I am grueling with.. the world will remain the same the way I define it “TEMPORARY”.

12.40mn BISMILLAH ❤



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