I am not good in narrating stories.. ALL i knew is that I learned

  • to  discover optimism that is required to transcend the challenges.
  • to DO two things in onetime.
  • discover things on your own and learn it along the way.


at 4.30 my sistah drop me a call as I was having a nap after my examss.. at 4.30pm too I rush like a literal ninja at Cafe Amore..I was startled when I saw my printer was there..No electricity, so my sistah bring it with her.e..HMM. “Feel at home kami” >.<

we got home (@ my sistah’s homeey) right away the electricity appears in our bright eyes 0.0 at 6.00pm..

after taking dinner..we resume -thesis.. as I was doing mine by the skin of my teeth as I was inform that by 9pm my sistah’s panel will get her copy.. so hwaazz that? >.<
dehydration is what I’m feeling…blah blah!!! I finished everything at quarter to 2am.. my sistah already hitting the sack by that time… >.< As if I was the one who  is pressured ..uhm.uhm ^_^

I’m not a good narrator.. I’m just a good observer……..zzzzzz.

I  am just sleepy, it’s  quarter to 2am already…just done with my younger brother handed task.

My eyes wanted to rest so I don’t need to add another paragraph..

Alhamdulillah,, profound realizations. ❤


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