Rise and shine Ya bint  quezza 🙂

ALHAMDULILLAH  for I slept quarter to 2am and hitting the keyboard at 6.15am hmm hwaazzz that? here I am putting all the words while digging it up from my fickle mind.

NOTHING I AM JUST FEELING SO PRODUCTIVE in the morning. Like Rawdaty used to say, “NO BOREDOM FOR A TRUE BELIEVER” ❤ *miss*’

anyway, I will take a nap, I am not about to make an entry this morning but because of my LT sleeping beside me while I left it on downloading some installers, I am tempted too make this one… FUDGE.

BISMILLAH with Mawla ya Salley nasheed…maaElixir.

That’s all about the picsha<3


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