Confident with myself.



I just finished most of all my todolists ^_^ ALHAMDULILLAH.

  • stay  curios.
  • remind my lil brother to be productive
  • segregate  my STI and RMMC papers.
  • chores.
  • msg my likely brother all the way from KL ❤
  • others are mine to keep 🙂

another bizzinizz to do ❤

  • write another todolists.
  • what to do with summer?
  • what to bring to mc.
  • what to avoid to mc “?”
  • make the most out of it with homies
  • download installers (the geek)
  • YOU SHOULD finish the SCIENCE LIBRARY with Saff ❤
  • make an entry about Saff ❤
  • others are mine to keep ❤

ALHAMDULILLAH all the way I’m with my focus..knowing that in this way I could avoid what makes me beset and making some way how to inform my  twin brother *siigh*  in shaa ALLAH. Things will be easier and clearer with the Hikma of ALLAH ❤

For now my happiness  is shout out loud with “ALHAMDULILLAH” for today ❤

and ALHAMDULILLAH for tomorrow I will be with someone I used and love to address,  “sensei” :’)



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