The Blue note.

ImageI wanted to cry.  How could this stranger girl who knew so little about my life, actually know the  right thing to say from something I chose to kept.MashaALLAH.

That is the short description about that blue note. I was taking some key notes that my friend uttering while she was trying to unload what besets her. mashaALLAH.

“the best cure is our Imaan (faith)”…

“Not all good are good, good things sometimes should be away for us to be able to have Shokur”…

“Keep on your mind what you will get in Akhira”

That’s the key note that my friend was unaware that I was writing.

We were supposed to have our class at 8am but Alhamdulillah we were informed that all professors will  have a practice for the graduation (RMMC).
So, Alhamdulillah, ALLAH arrange our time. We had our schmooze for almost 3hours outside our room. I was lil bit startled how did my friend started her story in life. I was just like a bystander on how she blot out her stories..bystander in a way that in every struggles she was narrating she ended it with some Hikma that ALLAH grant her to understand.ALHAMDULILLAH.

(P.S. I am not good in narration. I should ended this now..hmm)

Everything was JUST ALHAMDULILLAH. We have both realize that we should avoid feigning  like we can face things without the Help of ALLAH. Astaghfirullah.

Always check your Imaan and rectify it.  I never thought about it like that.

NOTHING BUT ALHAMDULILLAH ❤ Don’t rely on “making up” because you can never really make up for the lost times. Each day will always be a new  day.




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