still, I’m trying.


I do miss everything and everyone so badly. ALLAH knows *teary eyed*

Indeed ALLAH is the Best Planner and the Best Controller.

As much as I wanted to yell on how much I miss my self, I always fail. I’d rather chose to sleep and help my self to fill my heart with the word, “PATIENCE”. Cheer up the worst is yet to come, be patient.

There are so  many things I am trying to avoid (i.e social Network), in order for me to handle everything  that I am facing here in this place where my only companion is my Patience. My life took a new turn. AND I NEVER THOUGHT LIFE WILL BRING ME TO THESE THINGS.

Life is like that—a metaphorical test paper, a test of courage and independence. You had to experience waiting for a seeming eternity all by yourself. Even simple chitchat would have been a relief at that time. *SIGH*

I almost let my dream be totally broken, like a glass hurled on the floor. It was painful to be hit by the shards. I bled. I cried. I almost gave up, until I regained my consciousness and had this clarity of desire: “I will fix that broken glass.” FOR THE BEST in shaa ALLAH.

And so it happened. I put the pieces back. I was wounded in doing so, but I did not give up. I pondered on the lessons it gave me and continued to chase my dream. But rebuilding a dream is not easy. Life is never easy. It requires hard work and patience. In life, therefore, be diligent, be patient. To keep on desiring Aakhirah. In shaa ALLAH.
Alhamdulillah babajan really knows what I was going through despite of his silence.

Be patient, always be patient. Think of Aakhirah.

You are walking on this fleeting dunya to spread salaam

and to give Da’wah.Just be patient. Keep that in your mind

Those words helps me to  realize that  I should always check my Imaan.
Life will be easy when you keep  on your mind that ALLAH is the One who controls your PATHS. …..ALHAMDULILLAH :’)

If being here is the way for me to exercise my patience then I will develop my Tawwakal and bring my self to everything I’m facing. IN SHAA ALLAH

For this, I wrote something for myself yesterday on my Journal.

You are a stranger

A stranger that in need of Sabr

A stranger that in need of reliance on ALLAH Ta’ala

A stranger that wants to be away from the the Dunya

A stranger who wants to be contented and satisfied with

the commandments of ALLAH Ta’ala.

A stranger who  wants to posses Yaqiin.

In order to be a stranger  I have to weaken my desire and inclination towards the Dunya. And be firm from seeking the Aakhirah. All knew that the cure of illness is to remove its cause. IN SHAA ALLAH ❤

“Live in this world as a traveler or a stranger”

I say, In shaa ALLAH.



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