Grow up with Deen.

“Is is true that our true abode is Aakhira?”
I came home late from office pass 7pm already. I was so dehydrated and in need of rest. Weariness is overflowing in my veins. As I handed the food I bought for Saff, he asked me about that.. “Pyur a aya walay tanu na sa   aakhira?”..-Fffreezzee-  mashaaALLAH I felt like I had drunk from the ocean of naseeha. I got freeze as I was lying in my bed after I answered my brother with a “YES”. Subhannallah.
After that, I questioned my own self?
“Qza,  what is your true abode!?” Why You keep on worrying about how did life change you.. Astaghfirullah. Are my weariness worth it!? What did I do today?Yesterday? and the other day? Did I remember ALLAH azza wajaal. *sigh*
How perfect ALLAH is.
Saff never fail to remind me through his questions and his productivity. MashaaALLAH.
Saffrullah iz the name ❤ A very productive young boy who used to sleep at Masjid during ‘Itikaf. I  seldom saw him scanning and reading his notes but i often see him scanning and reading Qur’an. He never sing out loud with such modern song,he recite Qur’an out loud following some Qari. His lullaby is Surah Naba not with the modern song. If you try to see what’s in his pocket, you will be amaze that Tasbeeh and a perfume is what he’s keeping(Sunnah). MashaaALLAH.  He always wear full sunnah more than he wears his complete uniform at school.. His favorite lecturer are Scholars (i.e. Yasir Qadhi, mufti menk) not his teachers.
I remember when he got home from Masjid after he listened to some bayaan. I asked him, what Have you heard and understand.. He just say.. “A very little knowledge”.. It was said that “every rain drop there is a Malaykat” mashaaALLAH
Since then when it rains I remember my brother and through him I remember ALLAH Azza wajaal in every rain drops. ALHAMDULILLAH.
May ALLAH always guide him through His deen. Indeed my brother is longing for a guidance. Ameen Ya Rabb. May ALLAH always extend his blessing to our mother. Ameen Ya Rabb.
After our discourse he played the nasheed, I remember your smile. Alahmdulillah for only ALLAH can grant him understanding of why did it happen and how he will face everything. In shaa ALLAH
-Currently saff is sleeping while listening to his fave sweet voice Qari. Ahamdulillah.
Anna uhibukka lillah my lil brother..

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