I realize that everything in this world is essentially the same; it is how you choose to see it that makes the difference. And right now, Alhamdulillah, everything in this world is beautiful to me.

ALHAMDULILLAH for the more it change,the more  it stay  the  same and firmly strong.

You know what I do not, and certainly You know best.

I could reaaaally hug someone at this moment. 😥 But Alhamdulillah.”Only in the remembrance of ALLAH do hearts find rest”..

I am going through this because He knows I can handle it. I am going through this because it is meant to teach me something. I am going through this only because it will bring me closer to Him. (IN SHAA ALLAH)

It’s funny how some things are actually so simple, but it is our nafs and the whisperings of Shaytaan that makes it seem like it is such a heavy burden to carry.

I do pray that ALLAH gives me the strength to remain patient in all matters.

Ameen Ya Rabb.

early at 7.40pm. #Melancholy

If there is one thing I learnt about myself today is that although I truly enjoy having company around, but I think I should allocate more time to be alone and play around with my thoughts and to listen to the conversations in my head.


Change to become ONE.

After a little time of schmooze about “Emotionally Matured”..Thoughts floats in my fickle mind again..Well then personally I feel that I still have a long way to go before I can say that I have changed. For I know there is still so much for me to learn, to understand, to practice and to change that sometimes I feel all I have grasped so far is akin to a plankton in an ocean. There is still so much of my sins (that I have done, and are doing currently) that sometimes I feel no amount of repentance can ever erase those sins. 😥 and that’s maybe the reason for NO WAY I COULD FIND FOCUS TO BECOME ONE. Astaghfirullah.

In good ways in shaa ALLAH changes will come and  in shaa ALLAH I will view it in Islamic point of view, that comes with patience.

I am but a work in progress. Hoping you can make du’a for me that May ALLAH grant me to continue making my baby steps towards becoming a better Muslimah and to become one of the slave of ALLAH that keeps on chasing Aakhira ❤  AMeen Ya Rabb.


Happy and Sad

I am handling my self. hoooh. In the Remembrance of ALLAH do hearts find rest.

I can’t find the right person to chat with, it is always.. only in the remembrance of ALLAH.

I am both happy and sad that I will be home.

I am happy that I will visit hometown.

I am happy that my twin brother is one step to his dreams.

I am happy  that I will be with my grandma.

I am happy that I can have my change of environment.

I am happy that I find myself Happy.

but then, it is  true that there is a trade-offs to everything.

I am sad because babajan is on his way to Malaysia.

I am sad that babajan will not be there for my twinbrother,

I am sad that I  knew I will leave the hometown after a days.

i am sad that I will not be meeting the complete FN.

I am sad that “everything change”.

I am sad that I find my self sad.


Fi amanillah babajan and MABROUK twinbrother.

BISMILLAH and be calm quezza.