Happy and Sad

I am handling my self. hoooh. In the Remembrance of ALLAH do hearts find rest.

I can’t find the right person to chat with, it is always.. only in the remembrance of ALLAH.

I am both happy and sad that I will be home.

I am happy that I will visit hometown.

I am happy that my twin brother is one step to his dreams.

I am happy  that I will be with my grandma.

I am happy that I can have my change of environment.

I am happy that I find myself Happy.

but then, it is  true that there is a trade-offs to everything.

I am sad because babajan is on his way to Malaysia.

I am sad that babajan will not be there for my twinbrother,

I am sad that I  knew I will leave the hometown after a days.

i am sad that I will not be meeting the complete FN.

I am sad that “everything change”.

I am sad that I find my self sad.


Fi amanillah babajan and MABROUK twinbrother.

BISMILLAH and be calm quezza.



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