Total strangers



You are still on your remaining days in His path. I don’t have idea how many days left. The first time we accidentally meet for just two seconds, it seems the impact really bring me to something, something that I always ask my self if I am the One you ask from Him and if you are the One I ask from Him. That two seconds meeting that you might be blind who I am but for me that two seconds struck my dreams before we meet, my dreams years ago flash back suddenly one by one.

I am on my points of evaluating myself if Qadr is really on our sides. As you still on your way to His path, I hope you ask Him for our guidance. We are a total strangers and I can’t search for someone who can be our mutual friend but only Him alone.

It was been four days and you still remain in my mind, as far as the two seconds meeting concern.

Many “what if’s” floating in my mind and many “what way” I could please you if you are really meant for me by His will, for it is stated in the Qur’an that my paradise is by pleasing you. I’ve been reading the lives of many sahabiyah how did they please their half of deen, but for now all I wanted to do is the first step of Sunnah of completing my deen and yours. I want the day be alive through sunnah of how Faatima Radiyallahu anha and Ali Radiyallahu anhu, how they did tie the knot.

It is a lifetime commitment we will be welcoming to our worlds. Two worlds will become one.

I hope you keep me in your du’ah that May ALLAH Azzawajaal make me a better half of yours.

Only ALLAH Azzawajaal knows if we are really meant to be by His Decree, so much to say but I am still mouth agaped and my words are stricken how Qadr lead us.


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